SM Turpin

Sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $300K in Nazareth, PA.

Greg Smith was our Realtor when we bought our house in 2004. When it came time to sell, the only thing my ex husband and I both could agree on was that Greg should be contacted to handle the sale. Since we were still in the early stages of the divorce,

Greg had to deal with each of us separately.

He did a great job on his marketing comments and pictures of the house and he always kept both of us informed on feedback from showings of the house. At various times Greg had to use his negotiation skills not only with the buyer’s agent but also to bring both my ex and I to an agreement on how we would handle various issues that arose. I know that dealing with feuding spouses could not have been easy but he handled everything like a real pro. Overall, I know that both of us were once again extremely satisfied with his service and I am happy to give him this glowing reference. I would fully back his knowledge and professionalism and would highly recommend him to anyone.