Working with Emily Uliana, we sold our house in less than a month at a higher cost than any other realtor suggested. And it was fun! Emily’s calm and friendly energy is just what someone needs when selling their home. She was not only able to guide us through the process of selling our house — taking excellent photos, getting everything online quickly and handling all the other magic that goes into selling a house — but, dare I say it, she made the process fun. With two young children, a large dog, a cat, an old house and a transition to another region of the state, it could have been a nerve-wracking experience; Emily demonstrated that it did not have to be. Major reasons why we would recommend Emily Uliana: * She knows how to market to a variety of buyers. * She has great energy, is very responsive and is a terrific listener. * She kept our expectations in check while keeping a very positive attitude. * She allowed us to provide our own input and knowledge to the process. It was nice to be heard. * There are so many variations that can happen in the home buying/selling process. If Emily did not know the answer, she was masterful at quickly researching multiple sources (i.e. online, her mentors, other professionals) to provide us with the facts so that we could make a smart and informed decision. Emily’s terrific work ethic, great attitude and broad knowledge of real estate made for a tremendous agent during the entire process. I could not recommend her enough.