PODCAST: 2012 Outlook Survey – Poll-Optimism Rises

At this time of year every 4 years we are inundated with all kinds of political polls. Who leads, who’s behind, who looks good, are we better off now than before and who told the last lie about the other’s spouse? Makes me sick to my stomach. All that matters  is who I will vote for behind the closed curtain that first Tuesday in November.  And I am not telling anybody….

But there are some polls that I put my trust in. Attached are two podcasts that give some idea how we are all feeling right now about the American Dream of  home ownership. It’s encouraging.

Forget the banks, the bailout, Europe, China and the Fed.  Well maybe we can’t totally forget the Fed. Seems like they have their hands around our throats and won’t be satisfied until they have our great grandchildren hijacked and locked into indentured servitude.

But take a listen to these 2 podcasts and feel good about yourselves and the tenacity you have in not giving up dreams of home ownership.

Optimism growing  podcast 1

Optimism growing podcast 2

Hey I am not here to guarantee anything, but I have to feel at least we are making progress.  Hope you do too.
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