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Amanda Place

We recently sold a farm property in Nazareth with Dave Lichtenwalner. We’ve worked with Dave on prior business transactions but this was our first personal sale with him. Dave is hands-down the most attentive, honest, tactful and professional Realtor I’ve ever encountered. His expertise and  knowledge of the area as well as useful connections to help with repairs, junk removal, etc, made a potentially problematic sale become a done deal. We executed this sale after moving several hours away from the area, and Dave was able to manage and keep us informed at every step to get it done.

Robyn Holman

Dave Lichtenwalner said, “Well, this’ll be one for the record book,” when I met with him to discuss putting my parents’ house on the market. The house has 4 levels, not including the entrance foyer which has a level all its own, and an in-ground pool which takes up the entire ground floor of the house. I knew it  would be a tough sale with the pool — how many people would want a large heated 2-level pool with a sauna, bar with a grill, a heated floor, and a spectacular view out the sliding glass doors? Dave didn’t waste time in doing strategic marketing, presenting all the many favorable aspects of the house. He was responsive to all my questions and those of potential buyers and other realtors. The best compliments come from those in the business: the photographer for the house (excellent photos done and up online in 24 hours) said to me, “I’m also a realtor and I’d love to list this house for you, but, really, Dave’s the best realtor around.” I’m thrilled that our family home is now occupied and may the new owners make as many memories there as we did. Thanks Dave!

Kelly Ann Beers

Dave Lichtenwalner is highly knowledgeable, extremely personable, and he understood and respected our goals in selling our home. He was invaluable to have along on our real estate sale journey, and always went above and beyond to help us navigate the hurdles along the way. We were very happy with the result, not only price-wise, but with the terms of the sale.  Highly recommend him!

Jen Tavaras

Christine Kizer is wonderful! Highly recommend! She went above and beyond to help us with everything we needed, she even helped us find a rental because our new house would not be ready for a year.

Jenna D’Andrea

Dave Lichtenwalner is the nicest and most honest person you could meet. He is extremely knowledgeable and excellent at his job. He is very patient and caring, he knows how stressful buying and selling can be. I would absolutely recommend Dave to anyone.

Mike & Cindy Sutter

First met Sam years ago while looking for a house to rent. Got along with him so well we decided to use his services when looking for a rental property. Sam did a great job helping us find the right one and at the right place. Very honest and wanted the best deal, not just one that would be best for  him personally. Very responsive, was able to meet with us on short notice and pretty much any day of the week. Has been in the local market for years and knows it extremely well.  A real ace and someone you can like as a person and respect as a professional.

Ian and Miranda MacLeod

Jill Koch was a patient, knowledgeable, attentive, and caring agent. We plan in using Jill for all our home buying/selling needs. Thank you Jill!

Ian and Miranda MacLeod

Bill & Deb Morrison

After purchasing our home in Forks Township in 2012 with Dave Lichtenwalner as our agent, we knew when it came time to sell it we were definitely going to give him a call. With thorough attention to detail and an ease to work with, Dave provides excellent professional customer service along with sound advice and  support during the process. His years of experience, appraisal expertise, and established industry relationships proved extremely helpful when our closing was postponed and we were uncertain we would go to settlement. Dave worked tirelessly on our behalf for a successful sale. We recommend Dave wholeheartedly!

Kay Larsen

Dave Lichtenwalner was on top of everything from beginning to end. And when a buyer threw an unexpected monkey wrench (backing out four days before settlement) into the proceedings and nearly scared the seller (me ) to death, Dave got right on the situation, and within three days, I had another buyer. In  addition to dealing with everything else, Dave managed to calm an anxious seller (me again), the deal was closed, the house was sold and all is well. I HIGHLY recommend Dave!

Ben Knecht

I was a first-time home-buyer and went to Dave Lichtenwalner at Berkshire Hathaway Choice Properties to help me find a home and walk me through the process; I was clueless as to what to expect and what the process looked like. He sat me down and explained everything in great detail – made me feel comfortable from day 1.  Dave knew the local area very well, and really helped steer me in the right direction based on my budget and what I was looking for. Dave also answered my questions immediately, whether by phone or email, which was great and really made me feel at ease; when I found a home I liked, I just called him and he took it from there. Lastly, there was no mess or last minute surprises, Dave worked very well with the sellers agent to make it a comfortable and smooth process from start to end with no BS.

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