Brian & Karen Knapp

Buying and selling a home during a pandemic was one of the hardest things we’ve ever done. One week after Dave Lichtenwalner told us the wonderful news that we got our new home, the lockdown began in Pennsylvania. That was the beginning of four months filled with stress, anxiety and frustration as one roadblock after another appeared to ruin our dream. Dave used the best photographer/videographer to showcase our home and sold it sight unseen, not only once but twice, due to the first sale falling through. Throughout the process we had trouble getting a loan and Dave put us in touch with a lender, and everything went smoothly after that. We were under so much stress, and at every turn Dave was able to calm and reassure us, saying everything would work out in the end. We highly recommend Dave. Not only is he an expert in the business, but he is a friendly, patient, caring man with a great sense of humor. Above all else, Dave has a keen ability to match each client with the perfect home, and he works tirelessly to reach that goal. We moved from our home of 30 years and put our trust in Dave to find the perfect home for this stage in our lives, which he did under extreme circumstances, and we are forever grateful to him.