Robyn Holman

Dave Lichtenwalner said, “Well, this’ll be one for the record book,” when I met with him to discuss putting my parents’ house on the market. The house has 4 levels, not including the entrance foyer which has a level all its own, and an in-ground pool which takes up the entire ground floor of the house. I knew it  would be a tough sale with the pool — how many people would want a large heated 2-level pool with a sauna, bar with a grill, a heated floor, and a spectacular view out the sliding glass doors? Dave didn’t waste time in doing strategic marketing, presenting all the many favorable aspects of the house. He was responsive to all my questions and those of potential buyers and other realtors. The best compliments come from those in the business: the photographer for the house (excellent photos done and up online in 24 hours) said to me, “I’m also a realtor and I’d love to list this house for you, but, really, Dave’s the best realtor around.” I’m thrilled that our family home is now occupied and may the new owners make as many memories there as we did. Thanks Dave!