Tips in using Social Media to Buy or Sell anything and maybe your Home.

There has been a lot written this past year on the benefits of using Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) to benefit the consumer as well as marketing and promoting one’s business. I think I am as smart as the next guy or maybe as ignorant, but I have to say that I have been overwhelmed with the opportunities that make themselves available  for one to utilize these venues. It seems like  I just get a handle on one and then something else comes along. Exciting but frustrating. I think that age has something to do with it because I  have watched in awe as my 3 year old granddaughter turned on her mother’s I Pad and began to open up game applications and move around with considerable ease. That kid slays me. If you are grandparent you know what I am talking about. She’s so smart!

Well I think I have somewhat of a handle on this. I have a Facebook page,  personal, as well as business. I am LinkedIn and I occasionally will  Twitter. My following leaves a lot to be desired both incoming and outgoing but that will grow as my desire to use it does. And of course I am now blogging. I have to say of all the things that I do,  I enjoy blogging the best. You get my opinion and advice and if you don’t agree you can let me know.

Well when it comes to finding or selling a home, social medial has taken its place in the pyramid of necessity.  Tell the world  you  have what they need. And if you need something that they have, then you better get on line,not in line. Oh and let’s not forget You Tube. You know I just read something somewhere that it won’t be long before Facebook and You Tube will be bigger search engines than Google. Well think about it, do you want to know how to install a ceiling fan, bake a chocolate cake  or see an old episode of  ” The Honeymooners” ? Internet man.  And if you need a recommendation on anything  why not ask any of your 1000 friends on Facebook. That would include buying or selling a house and finding an agent to represent you. Here is  a quickie podcast that will  give you some tips on how best to go about your search.

[audio:|titles=Using Social Media]

I hope that information was helpful but if you have some additional questions please feel free to contact me at my email at or call me at 610-737-2310. I’ll be glad to help. Next blog we’ll take a look at the “Dark
Side” of using the internet . Watch for it in a couple of days. Check the link on the right for finding a home in the Lehigh Valley or the link for anywhere in the US. I’ll be glad to put you in contact with anyone from Jersey to Hawaii.


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