Where Can I Get Updates About New HUD Homes?


Where Can I Get Updates About New HUD Homes?


The BEST place to get information about HUD Homes is HUDHomeStore.com , HUD’s superstore site.


HUDHomeStore.com is a one-stop platform containing everything you need to know about the HUD REO sales program:


  • HUD property information;


  • Property disclosures and addenda;


  • Real estate and consumer registration features;


  • Interactive maps on home page, special programs pages, and property detail pages;


  • Resources and contact information for real estate agents and brokers, consumers, state and local governments, and nonprofit organizations.


The new website features all HUD Homes in the country.  Real estate agents and consumers have the same view of properties, and access to a myriad of resources and contact information.

Here is a video on how to register for HUD Homes.

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