Podcast on Moving ahead in this real estate market. Caution vs Fear

Fear vs Caution

Well we made it through another year. Are things looking up? Depends on who your talk or listen to. With the advent of the 24 hours news cable station and a zillion business sites, the consumer has more options to draw their own conclusions. All I can speak to is my gut. My gut tells me that we are skimming along the bottom and I think we are ripe for a recovery. Prices and interest rates are at an all time low and sellers are motivated. But there are a lots of folks who are somewhere between scared and cautious in their desire to do something. I heard this podcast the other day on this very issue and I thought I would pass it on. Its pretty good in explaining some logic to the situation. Click on the link at the start of this blog  and listen. Its only about 4 minutes but pertinent. And of course leave me your comments.

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